The Beginning of the Carter's

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The beginning of our Carter Family lineage, as we know it, begins sometime before the year 1500.

The Carter name precedes the McKeand name by approximately 250 years. In, or around, 1771 the lineage of the Carter ancestry begin to marry the McKeand clan.

Along the Carter lineage we will find interesting ancestry including President George Washington (through marriage, not blood lines), General Robert E. Lee, Presidents William Henry Harrison, and Benjamin Harrison.

We begin with our the 10th Great Grandfather.

Ref: The Canter's of Virginia, by Noel Currer-Briggs (Christopher, Sussex, Eng.: Phillimore & Co. Ltd., 1979)

Richard Carter

Richard Carter is our 10th Great Grandfather*. Richard's mother and father are unknown at this time. He was born in the late 1400's. The only other information we have about Richard, at this time, is that he married a woman by the name of Joan (last name unknown at this time). The only child we are currently aware of is a son, Thomas.

Thomas Carter

Thomas Carter is our 9th Great Grandfather*. Thomas was born in 1528**. Thomas married Jone Hyll. The only child we are currently aware of is a son, John. Thomas died around 1570/1571.

John Carter

John Carter is our 8th Great Grandfather. He was born in 1574***. He was a wine merchant of Christ Church, Newgate Street, London, England. He married Bridget Benion. He died in 1630. The only child we are currently aware of is a son that was also named John.

Colonel John Carter, Esq.

Colonel John Carter, Esq. is our 7th Great Grandfather. He was born in 1613**.

John Carter, Esq. first came to Virginia in 1635 as a merchant traveling for a few years in that capacity between England and the Colony. By 1640 he had settled in Upper Norfolk County, Virginia and was elected to the House of Burgesses from the Upper Norfolk County (which later changed to Nansemond County).

In 1642, John Carter obtained title to 1300 acres of the north side of the Rappahannock River (in what is now the community of Weems in Lancaster County), on the peninsula between the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers (known as the Northern Neck). It was not until 1654 that John settled on this new land and the Carter dominance and legacy on the Northern Neck began.

John Carter built his first house on a piece of land between what we now call Carter’s Creek and the Crotoman River. He began planting tobacco which was a thriving crop in Virginia.

He also built Christ Church in 1669. Christ Church was rebuilt and relocated in 1730 by Robert “King” Carter, John’s son. Robert offered to bear the cost of rebuilding the new church if it were kept at the same site, and “provided always the Chancel be preserved as a burial place for my family as the present Chancel is.” The rebuilding gift was accepted by the vestry. ***

The gravestones of John Carter, four of his five (5) wives and two (2) children, are embraced by the present church and they lie to the north of the chancel. John died June 10, 1669 in Lancaster, VA. His fifth (5) wife, Elizabeth Shirley of Gloucester, returned to England after his death, along with their youngest son, Charles.

John had five wives:
- Jane Glynn
- Elenor Eltonhead (Widow Brocas)
- Anne Carter
- Sarah Ludlow (Married 1662)
- Elizabeth Shirley

We now move on to the most famous of the Carter family, our 6th Great Grandfather, Robert "King" Carter, who because of his enormous wealth and status in the Colonies of Virginia gave us ties to many other famous American Citizens in the McKeand Lineage.

*Watford & King’s Langley Aldenham, Herts
** Watford & Aldenham, Hertfordshire
*** Garston Manor, Watford, in Hertfordshire, England Citizen and Vintner Of London
*** Robert “King” Carter Builder of Christ Church 1986

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