The McKeand family is one of the oldest families in Wayne County, West Virginia. Many of them are now, and will in the future be buried in West Virginia, as will I be and Mary, my beloved wife. We will be buried at the feet of my father and my mother in the Hillcrest Cemetery, Wayne County, West Virginia.

The research in to the history of the McKeand family was done initially by Robert G. McKeand, son of Henry G. McKeand (1904 - 1975) and Ophelia McKeand (1907 - 1981). It is with the greatest admiration and gratitude that I am eternally grateful for all the hard work in compiling this information over the years. There are many artifacts, and pictures, obituaries, announcements, etc. that are in the possession of Robert that trace the history of the McKeand family. I have now taken Robert's information along with other research back in time, using computer technology and trips to my ancestors homeland, and historical sites to acquire the data described herein.

Many stories, facts and events have been passed down to, and relayed by, Robert. It will be a tremendous loss to the family when he is called by our Lord and Master to enter the Celestial House on High. I hope that someone in the family will take the interest that Robert has had in the past, and continue this honor and duty for the generations to come. Mr. Mark S. Still, Ph.D., of San Mateo, California, the grandson of Lyde McKeand, Still, has also been of great assistance in the writing of this book, and I am very grateful for his assistance and guidance. It is with great passion that I have started to put this together for my son, Joseph Sterling McKeand, and my daughter, Karen Lorraine McKeand, so that they may continue this record for their children, thus this shall become living documentation.

To my grand children, Joshua, Jeffrey, Logan, Connor, Mason and Chris, who I love dearly, I only hope that you will take this information from your Dad and continue this work that has been started. Even though you never got to know your Great Grandfather Sterling and Great Grandmother Norma, you would have been the apple of their eyes, as you are mine. I love you all......

In loving memory of my Father and Mother:

Sterling Dee McKeand (1921 - 1988) and
Norma Lee McKeand (1923 - 1995)

Author: Allen Ray McKeand, Generation VI of John McKeand (1742 - 1792) and
Generation IX of Robert "King" Carter (1663 - 1732)

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