Elizabeth (Betty) Landon

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SECOND WIFE OF ROBERT CARTER BORN: ABT 1684, Credenhall, Herefordshire, ENG. DEATH: July 3, 1719 BURIAL: Old Christ Church, Lancaster Co., VA RESIDENCE: ENG., Lancaster Co. VA MARRIAGE: 1701 Robert Carter To this union with Robert Carter there were ten children. FATHER: Thomas Landon, Grendal, Herefordshire, ENG DIED: 1700, Middlesex County, VA MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Landon Carter was the second wife of Robert Carter and bore him ten children. Five sons and five daughetrs, of which one daughter, Sarah died an infant. She is buried immediately to the left of her husband Robert Carter at Christ Church, Kilmarnock, Virginia. A picture of her tomb apears at the right bottom of the page as it appeared in April 1997. Inscription east of the church, [Old Christ Church, Lancaster Co., VA], and mutilated, To the memory of Betty Carter, second wife of Robert Carter, Esq., youngest daughter of Thomas Landon, Esq., and Mary his wife, of Grednal, in the country of Hereford, the ancient seat of the family and place of her nativity. She bore to her husband ten children, five sons and five daughters, three of whom—Sarah, Betty, and Ludlow—died before her and are buried near her. She was a person of great and exemplary piety and charity in every relation wherein she stood; Whether considered as a Christian, a wife, a mother, a mistress, a neighbor, or a friend, her conduct was equalled by few, excelled by none. She changed this life for the better on the 3d of July, 1719, in the 36th year of her age and 19th of her marriage.



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