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Contributors, Resources and References
Author's Introduction
The Beginning
The Beginning of the Carter's
Robert "King" Carter
The Carter Tombs at Christ Church
Julia (Judith) Armistead
Elizabeth (Betty) Landon
Christ Church
Carter's Grove Plantation
Robert and Priscilla (Churchill) Carter
The Flower Garden
Robert Carter House
Carter-Saunders House
Elizabeth Carter Willis
Whitehall Plantation
Francis Willis and Ann Rich
Family Ties to Historical Figures
Shirley Plantation
Stratford Hall Plantation
Robert Edward Lee
William Henry Harrison
Benjamin Harrison
Berkley Hundred Plantation
St. John's Episcopal Church
John McKeand
Elizabeth Carter Willis McKeand
Priscilla McKeand
Elizabeth Carter McKeand
Jeanette McKeand
John W. McKeand
Mary Parrish Gilliam McKeand
Willis McKeand
Sally (Sarah) Gilliam McKeand
Reverend Alexander Buchanan McKeand
John McKeand
Elizabeth Carter McKeand
Harry G. McKeand
Willis McKeand, Jr.
Adeline Yates McKeand
Susan George McKeand
Henry Clay McKeand
Nelson Gilliam McKeand
Nancy Jane Miller McKeand
Mary Ann McKeand Wilson
Sarah Jane Wilson McKeand
James Taylor McKeand
Julia Ann Kilgore McKeand
Elizabeth Seamands McKeand
Sarah Warden McKeand


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