By: Robert McKeand 1996

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While attending the funeral services for Aunt Virginia Workman McKeand in 1959, I was motivated to do research and find out all the data I could on the McKeand Family.

My most valuable sources turned out to be the older members of the family. The ones who were more than helpful were, Hattie McKeand Ward, Daughter of Nelson and Vinnie Thompson McKeand and Pansy Staley Kincaid, daughter of Sally McKeand and Perry Staley.

Over the years many items photos and memories have been relayed to me. It would take several books to contain them all. Mark Still of San Mateo, California has shared many items that his Grandmother, Eliza Jane McKeand Still, had assembled on family history over the years.

I have enjoyed my research and I am in the process, (1996) of placing my papers in the Ceredo, West Virginia Museum for future historians to use.

I have to acknowledge the patience of my wife, Hester, for her endurance with my work. Also, to Ray McKeand for his assembling of all the data to be printed in book form.

In closing, I have been asked to describe our McKeand family. I will do so in this manner. We are just a bunch of simple God fearing people who do the best we can with what God has given us. We only pass this way once, so let us love one another.




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