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Much of the information contained within this book has been taken from various writings of others, and are assembled here. In most cases, a notation has been made at the point at which it appears. Listed below are resources used, whether in whole, or in part, for this publication:

“Christ Church” Lancaster County, VA, by: Louise Belote Dawe

“Robert King Carter” Building of Christ Church, by: Research Staff, Christ Church

“Berkeley” Life on the James River Plantation in Colonial Days, by: The Dietz Press

“Berkeley Plantation and Hundred”, by: Williamsburg Publishing Company

“Shirley Plantation” Brochure from the Shirley Plantation

“Historic Christ Church” Brochure from Christ's Church

“The McKeand Family In Virginia & West Virginia” by: Mark S. Still, The Wayne County News Newspaper, Huntington, WV - appearing from July 4, 1981 through February 17, 1983.

“Williamsburg Before and After”, by: George Humphrey Yetter

The Thomahawk publication of Alpha Sigma Phi, Lawhead Press, Inc. Athens Ohio

Morton, Louis, Robert Carter of Nomini Hall. Charlottesville: The University Press of Virginia, 1941

Glen, Thomas Allen. Some Colonial Mansions and Those Who Lived in Them. Philadelphia: Henry T. Coates & Co., 1897 Vol. I

Dombrowski, Barbara A. History of Oatlands.

“Stratford Hall Plantation and the Lees of Virginia”, by: Paul C. Nagel

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